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There is
no such thing as an

iron rabbit heart.

Do you u n d e r s t a n d

Never mind.

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“Actually, I’d like to help you.”

She’d heard the rumors. Miu was well aware of what she was dealing with. A scary brother (apparently part of the British Government), and an ex-army member for a flat mate. Nothing she couldn’t handle. Now it was just a question of convincing this man into relapse. Whatever it took, she didn’t care. She was a horrible person and knew it, but she needed the money. More than that, she needed someone to rely on her.

“Miu Kimura, just call me Miu. I’ve got goods and services that I think you’ll want to hear about.”


"One minute. Be quick about it."

{ ∮ The homeless network had proved to be quite helpful before and if she believed she would make a good addition, he didn’t see why he wouldn’t give her a chance. Even though he could tell she would be anything but a reliable spy. It wasn’t hard to recognize her type. Desperate for attention, willing to do about anything for recognition. As useful as that could be, it was something that was easily taken advantage of. Not only by him. Sooner or later, she would become troublesome, that much he could tell. However, it was just possible that she indeed had something special up her sleeve. }

"I’d love to have a nice chat with you, Miss Kimara, but sadly I haven’t got all day."

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"Thank you." The young woman studied him, and then tapped a tapered fingernail upon the lacquered tabletop. "I was going to ask you a few questions about your work, if you wouldn’t mind. I’m not sure if you’ll need what I have to offer, of course, but I supposed it wouldn’t hurt to ask."

"I am unsure of what you know of me, to be frank. For your information, I am a freelance, librarian-turned-cryptographer and I was wondering if you have any use for me. I believe that I have some information regarding a certain man in your acquaintances. He goes by…J.M."

{ ∮ Meanwhile, his order had arrived. Sherlock could tell the waitress that served him hadn’t had much rest. She had probably overslept as well, seeing as how her fingers trembled slightly when she had placed the cup on the table, which suggested she had yet to have her breakfast— it was too early for her lunch break. There were dark circles beneath her eyes, though she did not look particularly tired. Someone used to late hours. From the way she hold her hands, that seemed to be a little stiff, and the callus on her fingers, he concluded she was a proficient user of the computer… or laptop. She was too young and too well dressed to be living on her own, and the locket around her neck contained nothing but a simple timepiece. The former consulting detective did not order anything for his unexpected guest. After all, she was the one who had invited herself over. He simply allowed her company. }

"I see."

{ ∮ With that, he returned his attention to the window and the raindrops sliding down against it, taking the cup from its plate for a small ship before placing it back again. It was a mere gesture, almost like it was part of an old habit, though it could have been that his thoughts were distracting him. J.M. The final problem had not yet been solved. This time he looked at the female sitting across from him directly, folding his hands and leaning forward slightly. }

"And for what is it you want, exactly? I doubt anyone who has met that ❝certain man❞ would approach me with nothing but the best intentions. So which one is it? Did he consult you? You don’t look like a criminal to me, but appearances deceive, do they not? Or is it an old score that you would like to settle? Because in either case, I am not interested in this little business of you. Your services are not needed, as I am sure you are aware, since I have retired. …for the time being.

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          ” O f  c o u r s e
                       it’s me,
      who else could I be?”

It’s cold



       “That’s what people do.
          People die, whether we like it or not.
                   Don’t be so boring.”

     ” B o r i n g — ?
 There’s no need to entertain
                          if there is no audience.”

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